“Valentine Muckfest 2017” Marathon Training Part 11

“Well I won’t back down, no I, won’t back down, you can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I, won’t, back down”

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and what an absolute belter of a song. It’s pretty apt too because no matter what, I’m not backing down from Valentine Muckfest 2017.

GOOD POINTS: I’m excited about the Muckfest, the aim is to be standing upright for a photograph at the end, nothing else! I feel fresh and loose, so a few 5km runs and one or two longer ones between now and then and I should be ready!

BAD POINTS: They say this is the final Muckfest and that’s an awful pity. It makes me even more raging that I haven’t run it before. Hopefully the fact it could be the last one will mean a big attendance and maybe, just maybe, like a good concert, due to overwhelming demand, they’ll have to run it in 2018 too!


I don’t honestly see much difference here, but there is tiny difference so that’s a decent bit of motivation to keep me going!

INVITATION: To anyone who has been in touch with me since I started this blog, please come along and do the Muckfest. Let’s get a big group photo before and after! It’s only €25.

MUCKFEST- Register here:

I’m sure they would say there is no need, but I feel it’s necessary to apologise to the organisers and creators of the Valentine Muckfest. I am ashamed to say I haven’t ever run the Muckfest. I know it is a wonderful local event and last year there was supposed to be a councillors race between myself Will Paton and Mayor Fintan Phelan. (Fintan will loved that I included the Mayor part, lol) However due to my involvement with the Carlow minor footballers I couldn’t race on the day.

Time for some honesty again, and honestly, I was glad of the excuse last year, I was in no condition to competitively run in the Muckfest. With that in mind and with no decent excuse for the previous two years, my apologies to all involved with the Muckfest!

This year is different though. I’m gonna do it come hell or high water, and I literally expect hell and high water to come at me on the 11th February.

There are some great videos on Youtube of the Muckfest and they have a brilliant Facebook page too where you can find all the info. I’ve included the Facebook page and youtube videos below!


To move up the training a little bit, I’m going to do some cardio training up in Grangecon Boxing club over the next two weeks as well as going running. The boxing involves a lot of core work and working muscles outside of the group that I need for running.

I’m going to be a bit more strict with the eating too. I plan on being 114kg (down from 166kg) by the time I hit the starting line on the 11th of February.

That’s a brief summary of the plan for the next two weeks.

God Bless Community Groups

One of the reasons I really want to do Muckfest is because of my understanding of and appreciation for any community group or organisation who try to make themselves self sufficient. There are so many people out there who expect their club to have state of the art facilities, coaches, equipment and standards, but when asked to contribute, just do nothing. I admire anybody who works hard to raise what are much needed funds to keep our community groups alive.

Cllr. Will Paton put up a list of all the community groups in Tullow a few weeks ago and my mind was blown by the shear amount of groups there were. AND STILL there are probably  people out there who say there’s nothing to do in the place.

I have a deep loathing of the bar stool chairmen who infect every town and village with their drunken expertise and opinions. How come these people have all the answers after the various events that go on. They are very unhelpful.

You know the people I am talking about. The same people think every other village, club, team, county and country is better than their own. The would begrudge the ground you stand on or the air you breathe rather than say, “Fair play to you”.

I was particularly disappointed shortly after getting elected when these types of people who would at least engage you in conversation before hand, now wouldn’t even say hello to you. But you know what, when they need me, I’ll still be willing to help them out.

Ok, that turned into a bit of a rant, sorry!

The point being, the Muckfest is the epitome of community groups working together.

I have no doubt there are people who think they could do it better, but they couldn’t, they are armchair chairpeople, begrudgers. The people who organise Muckfest though, they thrive on proving these people wrong and I think they have provided a wonderful community event over the last four years and think they deserve all of our appreciation and thanks!

Thanks guys and dolls.

Here are some links so you can see what’s involved in the event: